Wayfinding and Signage Systems

Sytech Supplies offer you the most innovative direction solutions on the market. Triline is an innovative and versatile signage product that will assist you in all wayfinding signage aspects. The components are interchangeable, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor solutions.

We sell the following:

Totem Multifunctional

The Totem Multifunctional™ system is a modular directory system with elliptical aluminium posts specially designed to accept our DeSign™ flat and insert profiles, as well as our curved JazZ™ profiles. The Totem posts affixed on both ends of the totem have an inner channel that will flex material to create a curved look. A flat look can also be achieved by bevelling the edges of your material.
Three standard widths are available, but individual bases can also be used to create a width that perfectly meets your project’s needs.
For more information: http://www.trix-international.com/en/product/triline/exterior/totem-multifunctional
totem multifunctional


DeSign™ is an interior/exterior product that features straight, clean lines and is classic in approach with exceptional modularity.

The DeSign™ wayfinding frame system is suitable for a variety of architectural signage applications and works cohesively with ClearPath’s other wayfinding product families, ensuring a consistent visual appeal for your project.

DeSign’s™ face and insert profiles can be framed using a wide range of aluminium frame edges or synthetic end caps.

For more information: http://www.trix-international.com/en/product/triline/interior/design


The Alliance™ wayfinding frame system offers designers and architects a sleek and contemporary sign system for both interior and exterior use.
Alliance™ is perfect for wall signs, door signs and small to medium-sized directories in every environment, from small offices to large medical facilities. DeSign™ profiles work seamlessly with Alliance™ end caps to create a modular and adaptable sign system for every need.
For more information: http://www.trix-international.com/en/product/triline/interior/alliance



Hi-Tech™ wayfinding frames are a dynamic curved modular sign system with a popular, contemporary look.
The Hi-Tech™ system features three edge treatments: round, square and ellipse, as well as a flat option. Hi-Tech™ frames can be finished with synthetic end caps or completed as an all-aluminium look when used with the slim edge directory profiles. Slim edge directory profiles can also be used with DeSign™ profiles to create another completely aluminium option.
For more information: http://www.trix-international.com/en/product/triline/interior/hi-tech